Horse Race Game
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The HorseRaceGame instructions and guides are found using the links below. The document will be regularly updated and this table of contents should be considered as a hub for information to assist you in getting the most out of HorseRaceGame.
HorseRaceGame Overview
Horse Creation - How to Create a Horse
Nominated Horse Benefits and Features
Color-Coded Races and Tournaments
How a Horse Ages
Race Entry Guide - Entering a Race
Tournament Guide - Entering a Tournament
Claiming Race Guide - Entering and Claiming a Horse
Consecutive Grade 1/Grade 2 Bonus Prizes
Special Training Tools
Horse Puzzle Game
Advanced Training - Desktop Client
Free Game Points - How to Earn Points
VIP Membership - Why Become a VIP?
Cash Prizes - Details
Head-to-Head Horse Challenge Program
Championship Race Bonus Program
Graphics and Animation Issues When Utilizing Our Web-Based Game (Unity Player)
Community Features and Functions
Special Training Tools Program
Mentor Program - Overview and Help
Horse Puzzle Program
Trainer Game and Trainer Game Tournaments Overview
Understanding our Color-Coded Trainer Tournament Racing Program
Challenge Buddy Program
General Trainer Tournaments - When to Participate, Special Bonuses and Rules
Insta Tournament Help
Trainer Game Nominated Horses - Benefits and Features
Shopping Guide Help and Terms and Conditions
Earning Free Points - Get The Facts
Horse Racing Fantasy Game and Community Terms of Service
Points, Badges, and Awards
Desktop Client Game Extension Application Guide **
Jockey and Betting Tournament Entry Guide **
Desktop Client Extension Issues (Cannot Connect to Server / Loading Screen Freezes) **
Desktop Client Extension Issue ActiveX 429 Error Message **
Graphics and Animation Help for Windows Desktop Client Game Extension **
Allowing Windows Firewall Exceptions for Windows Desktop Client Game Extension **
Quick Start - Off To The Races **
Pre-Built Races - What Are They and How Do I Get Them **
Advanced Mode Play **
Enter Bets Page **
Detailed Results Page **