Horse Race Game
Current Time: 07/15/2024 6:31:49pm
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Before you can start racing you must breed your first horse and then give it a name. The process is pretty straight-forward and is outlined below.

Horse Selection
From the top navigation menu, click on the "Stable" link, you will see a category called "Breed Horse". Just click on "Breed Horse" and you will see a list of sires and dams ready and waiting for your evaluation and selection to create your own virtual horse. Click on "More Info" next to the name of the sire or dam you may be interested in breeding. There you will find complete details of the horse, everything from their true racing history, preferred racing surface, racing conditions, and even a short synopsis of their racing career. You will also find a summary of the top 25 virtual offspring from that sire or dam including their lifetime earnings and access to their complete racing history to evaluate the quality of the offspring they might produce.

Horse Creation
Players may nominate their horses for additional bonuses and jackpots through the Partially-Nominated (PN) and Fully-Nominated (FN) horse eligibility program. Nominating your horse to these programs is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for active players looking to maximize their potential payouts when winning races and tournaments. Please note that the prices of each horse are always the same, 25,000 game points for Non-Nominated, 50,000 points for Partially-Nominated, and 100,000 Fully-Nominated. To learn more about these special nominated programs, please read Nominated Horse Benefits and Features found in the Help section. The traits of the offspring are based upon the attributes of the selected parents. Once you determine the sire and dam that you want to breed, simply select "Breed". Keep in mind, just like in real horse racing, a horse will sometimes produce an offspring that can far exceed his parents' ability or, in some cases, never come close to equaling that ability. When choosing the sire and dam, consider what type of horse you're looking for. The traits of your bred horse will tend to follow the performance traits of his/her parents. For example, if both the sire and the dam you want to breed were both known to perform well on grass or turf surfaces, there is a strong possibility that your offspring will prefer that type of racing surface as well. Just like racing surfaces, if the sire and dam prefer racing short distances or sprints, then your offspring will probably be a sprinter. With this said, breeding two turf horses could produce a spectacular dirt runner. Just like in real breeding, sometimes the offspring's do not follow the direct genes of their parents and follow the genes of the grandparents or great-grandparents.

How Many Horses Can I Purchase?
You can purchase as many horses as you want, but you must remember that every horse you purchase has to be maintained (stable fees) if you're not a VIP member. As part of the maintenance program, your stable will be charged 5,000 game points each month for each horse that you have in training. Please note the first month's stable fee for non-VIP players is included in the purchase price of the horse. VIP members never pay stable fees for their horses.

I Own a Horse - Now What Do I Do?
Once the transaction is complete, your horse will be accessible from your Stable page. With each new breeding you will be provided with a basic evaluation visible from the Stable page along with an assigned birth speed rating (BSR). VIP members have free access to advanced performance reports that provide more detailed information on their horses. Champion horses are usually born with birth speed ratings in excess of 135. If you breed a horse and for some reason are unhappy with the results, you might want to take advantage of the Vet Visit Program.

The Vet Visit Program is a one-time opportunity to essentially recalibrate your horse's traits, giving you another shot at getting a champion. When utilizing the Vet Visit Program, your horse's color and gender will not change. It is also possible that a Vet Visit can lower your horse's speed rating. Typically only utilize the Vet Visit program for your horses with low speed ratings or horses that you would normally retire.

My Horse is Evaluated - Now What?
Once you've made a full evaluation of your horse's abilities, it's time to manage your horse and start looking for races and tournaments. From the Stable page, simply click on "Enter Tournament". Please reference the Race Entry Guide before entering a race.

On the stable page you will also find a complete listing of every horse that you own and any active races and tournaments you are participating in. Think of the Stable page as your way to manage your horses before and during races and tournaments. You will see the current status of each horse in your stable (Not Racing, Upcoming Race, and Racing). Horses are allowed to race from 2 to 10 years of age, but during that time, some owners and trainers may feel that their horse is just not qualified enough to compete and it may be more cost-effective to cut their losses and retire the horse. Retiring your horse stops the monthly stable fee, if it applies, but also stops your horse from ever racing again. It's a tough decision, but one you'll probably have to make for some of the horses in your stable from time to time.