Horse Race Game
Current Time: 04/24/2024 3:43:14am
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Desktop Client Game

The old desktop client has become outdated and is currently being provided more as a courtesy. Parts of the client no longer function correctly. It also does not perform well with Windows 10. The client was written in what is now in old outdated languague and needs to be rewritten which we hope to accomplish as some point in the future.

Those players using the client to test their game horses should be advised that there may be discrepancies between performance in the client and the online game. This should be taken under consideration when using the client for this purpose.

What would it be like to jockey a world-class equine athlete? Here is your chance to emulate what some of the top jockeys experience every day. The heart-pounding adrenaline rush as you steer your thousand-pound thoroughbred around the far turn and get ready for a challenging yet exciting stretch drive is a memorable experience unlike any other racing game. Ride your horse to victory!

Instructions: (Windows/PC only)
- The Desktop Client is for Windows/PC only.
- For new installs, download and install the game. Then download and install the patch.
- You will need to create an online account to login to the Desktop Client.
- If you already have the game installed, download and install the patch only to keep any existing training records, etc.

Without the patch, not all online game horses will appear in the desktop client. The patch will need to be applied for these horses to load into the client.

Desktop Client Game Version 10.90.8: Download
Desktop Client Game Version 10.90.8e Patch: Download