Horse Race Game
Current Time: 04/24/2024 2:50:35am
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You've become familiar with the Stable page, you've learned what you believe are your horse's best attributes, and now it's time to enter your horse in a race or tournament. Before placing your horse in a race, understand the different types of races and tournaments, which include White Races, Green Races, Blue Tournaments, General Tournaments, and Claiming Races from Color-Coded Races and Tournaments.

Race Schedule and Entry
From your Stable page, identify a horse that is eligible to enter a race. This can be done by referencing your stable list of horses and identifying horses with the status of "N", which stands for "Not In Race/Tournament". Once you have selected which horse to enter in a race, click "Enter Tournament" from the profile section of the selected horse. You will be directed to the "Find Race" page to choose the race type you desire.

Once you have reached the "Find Race" page, you can now select race preferences of your liking. Choose between Tournament Type, Distance, Surface, and Condition. All available races for each horse can be quickly identified. Only races and tournaments that your horse is eligible for will be displayed. It is important to not only evaluate your horse's ability, but to understand the races you select to fit your horse's running style and preference. If your horse is a 2-year-old and prefers running short distances or sprints, look for races composed mostly of shorter distances or sprints. Don't enter your horse just because it's eligible by age and BSR, enter because the race gives you an advantage and favors your horse. As in real racing, smart barns and trainers pick their spots. Once you've selected your race options, click "Search".

Look through the list of races and select your race of choice. After you have determined your desired race, click on "Enter" to proceed through the nomination process. Once you have clicked "Enter", you may now select horse preferences and options such as Lasix, Bit Program, Jockey Instructions, and Pace Strategy. You do not have to decide now, as you have up to 24 hours before the race closes to choose between your horses settings. Click "Enter Race" once you have decided on your horse's settings or to move on to finalize the nomination of your horse for entry.

More Information About Races
Once you've nominated your horse to a race, your horse is not eligible to enter another race. You can remove your horse from the race up until the race nomination deadline for a full refund. These rules apply differently for tournaments. See Tournament Guide - Entering a Tournament for tournament rules.