Horse Race Game
Current Time: 06/15/2024 1:44:37pm
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A claiming race is a singe race event. Any person who enters their horse in a claiming race is doing so with the knowledge that any verified player in the game could purchase their horse at the end of the claiming race for the specified claiming price. The claiming price is always in game points.

Who Is Eligible For A Claiming Race
A horse is eligible for a claiming race as long as it is more than one year to its retirement age. For example, a non-nominated horse that is automatically retired at the end of its 6 year old year can enter claiming races until it becomes 5 or older. A partially-nominated horse can enter claiming races until it becomes 7 and a fully-nominated horse can enter claiming races until it becomes 9.

How Claiming Works
Once a horse is entered in a claiming race and the race draws, other players are given the opportunity to place a claim on the horse for whatever the claiming price is for the given race. The original owner owns the horse until the claiming race is over and the original owner receives any game points the horse may win in the current claiming race. A player must be verified to place a claim on a horse.

If more than one player places a claim on the same horse a winner of the claim will be selected and the other players not winning the claim will be refunded. The winner of the claim will receive the horse. VIPs will win claims before non-VIPs. If there are multiple VIPs claiming a horse or there are multiple claims and all of the claims are from non-VIPs a winner will be determined by a random draw from those players.

Claiming Fee
The original owner of a horse that is claimed will receive the claiming amount minus a claiming fee. The claiming fee is 10% for fully-nominated horses, 20% for partially-nominated horses, and 30% for non-nominated horses. If the original owner is not a VIP the fee is increased by an additional 20%.

Where To Find Claiming Races
To see upcoming claiming races click on "Races" on the menu at the top, and then click "Claiming". A list of all upcoming claiming races and horses will be displayed along with an "Add Claim" button beside each horse that is eligible to be claimed. Click the "Add Claim" button to claim the horse.