Horse Race Game
Current Time: 05/28/2024 5:24:36am
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For players who are looking for a more in-depth experience and want to take the training of their horses to a whole new level, we suggest downloading the desktop client available for Windows-based operating systems. Once you install the desktop client, simply open up the game and click on "Update/add my trainer game horses". This will trigger the delivery of all of your thoroughbreds to your desktop client for evaluation.

To test your horses, simply click on the "Advanced Mode" button on the main menu page of the desktop client. Then set up races under various conditions to begin determining your horse's potential and what racing classification he/she fits. The key to the game is for you to discover, just like a trainer in real life would have to, what racing conditions your horse will perform best under. Does he/she like short distances, longer distances, want to race on dirt or grass? Does he/she like to race in the front or better suited to come from behind as a late closer? All of this and much more will be determined as you run practice races with other horses inside the desktop client. Practice races do not affect your horse's stats. They do not affect your horse's performance. They are only used to determine it's racing preferences and ability. Racing more or less practice races will neither enhance nor hurt your horse's performance or ability. Every practice race you set up helps you get a better understanding of where your horse will best fit. Think of these races as workouts or private races only to be used for evaluation purposes. Set up as many races as you want so you can best determine where your horse truly belongs in races and tournaments. Run races for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 4-year-olds. Run them on dirt and turf. Run races at small tracks with tight turns or big tracks. Run as many races as you possibly can to maximize your understanding of your horse's ability. Take your time evaluating your horses.