Horse Race Game
Current Time: 05/28/2024 4:04:48am
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Participating in a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Race/Tournament can earn VIP players additional game points. Any VIP player who wins consecutive Grade 1 or Grade 2 Races (Finals for Tournaments) in a row with the same horse is eligible for a special bonus payout as follows:

Multiple Wins Non-Nominated Partially-Nominated Fully-Nominated
2 in a row 25,000 game points 50,000 game points 100,000 game points
3 in a row 50,000 game points 100,000 game points 200,000 game points
4 in a row 125,000 game points 250,000 game points 500,000 game points
5 in a row 250,000 game points 500,000 game points 1,000,000 game points

The winning VIP player must have been a VIP member when the winning horse was born and remain a VIP during the horse's race/tournament participation. If a horse races in a race or tournament that is not a G1 or G2 will have its consecutive streak automatically come to an end.

A horse is only eligible to win each individual award one time. The same horse is never eligible to win the exact same award during their racing career. For example, a fully-nominated horse that wins two tournament finals in a row (Grade 1, Grade 2), but fails at winning a third, is eligible for that same three-time award after winning two additional Grade 1/Grade 2 races/tournaments, but the same horse is not eligible to win the two-time award, which was previously won.