Horse Race Game
Current Time: 06/15/2024 2:21:12pm
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The Horse Puzzle Game allows players to earn additional game points. When a horse is created the following 7 characteristics are ranked in order of preference for the horse: Vitamin B-12 Shot, Bushel of Apples, Basket of Carrots, Aluminum Shoes, Woodchip Bedding, Body Brushing, Toy In Stall. It is your job to try and determine the correct order of preference which is the puzzle.

By racing your horse you receive puzzle plays which can be used to try and solve the horse's puzzle. You do not have to win a race or tournament to earn puzzle plays, but you must enter and complete the maximum number of race qualifiers associated with that tournament if it's a multi-race event. The chart below outlines the puzzle plays earned for each type of race or tournament.

Tournament/Race Type G1 G2 G3 Blue Green White Claiming
Puzzle Plays Earned 5 4 3 2 1 1 0.5

To use a puzzle play to try and solve a horse's puzzle click on the number of puzzle plays available on the horse's stable page. From this page you will be able to arrange the characteristics and submit your guess. Past guesses can also be viewed from this page.

The object of the puzzle is to match as many of the items in the exact correct order as possible. When submitting a guess you will be told how many items you have matched correctly. The puzzle is considered solved once 2 or more of the items are guessed correctly and the game is over for the horse. Once a puzzle is solved for a horse, if the horse had puzzle plays remaining they are lost and the horse is no longer eligible for any future puzzle plays. Please note that the Horse Puzzle Game does not affect any other game play associated with your horse. The puzzle does not influence, in a positive or negative way, how the horse will perform during races or tournaments. Only horses born after 12/27/12 are eligible for the Puzzle Game.

The more items matched in exact order, the greater the prize payout. Larger prizes are available for partially-nominated and fully-nominated horses. VIP members are eligible for even bigger prizes. The chart below outlines the payout structure.

Matches Nomination Prize for Non-VIP Prize for VIP
7 FN 100,000 Game Points 1,000,000 Game Points
7 PN 50,000 Game Points 500,000 Game Points
7 NN 20,000 Game Points 200,000 Game Points
5 FN 10,000 Game Points 100,000 Game Points
5 PN 5,000 Game Points 50,000 Game Points
5 NN 2,000 Game Points 20,000 Game Points
4 FN 2,000 Game Points 20,000 Game Points
4 PN 1,000 Game Points 10,000 Game Points
4 NN 400 Game Points 4,000 Game Points
3 FN 400 Game Points 4,000 Game Points
3 PN 200 Game Points 2,000 Game Points
3 NN 80 Game Points 800 Game Points
2 FN 80 Game Points 800 Game Points
2 PN 40 Game Points 400 Game Points
2 NN 16 Game Points 160 Game Points

You do not have to play all available puzzle plays for your horse at any particular time. Keep in mind that if you retire a horse with a puzzle that is not solved any puzzle plays will be lost. If you place your horse in a claiming race and that horse is claimed any remaining puzzle plays and future puzzle plays will transfer to the new owner.