Horse Race Game
Current Time: 07/15/2024 4:48:31pm
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HELP  >>>  HORSERACEGAME OVERVIEW offers multiple levels of play depending on how much time you want to devote and how in depth you want your game play to be. The basic concept is to build your stable, train your horses and correctly identify the best racing conditions for them, and then enter your horses to compete against other players. Once you breed a horse, you will have access to a wide array of information that will help you identify the most favorable racing conditions for your horse, maximizing your chance to perform well in each race or tournament in which your horse participates.

Participation is driven by virtual currency called game points. Game points can be purchased, earned through game play, or received for taking part in special offers such as surveys.

Your initial interaction with is through a web browser. We recommend staying at this level until you have mastered the game or you absolutely require a more in-depth product. If you have a pretty strong knowledge of horse racing and are looking to extend the experience, then download the desktop client which will operate on any PC using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating system. The desktop client gives you the ability to train your stable of horses that you breed in a more detailed manner. A more in-depth training program can possibly lead to a better understanding of your horse and what racing conditions they will perform optimally. The desktop client is not necessary and is only available to players utilizing a Windows-based operating system at this time.

Your First Horse
The first step is to breed your first horse. This can be done under "Stable" on the top menu. Once your first horse is bred, there will be certain ways to help you identify his/her general ability. Each horse bred comes with a numeric value or birth speed rating that gives a general idea of their potential ability. However, there are many horses capable of exceeding their birth speed rating, or underachieving it. It is only a starting point. Additional characteristics can be found on your Stable page for your horse.

Entering Races And Tournaments
When you're ready to enter your horse in competition against others, one of the best ways to ensure your success is by utilizing the color-coded racing tournament structure. Learn more about tournaments and races by reading the Race Entry Guide. This classification system, which is tied to the horse's birth speed rating, guides you when entering your horse in competition. One of the unique features offers is both single-race events and multiple race events, better known as trainer tournaments. Tournaments consist of a designated number of races. Players have the opportunity to enter a specific number of qualifier races and try to advance to the final race. One-race events can be played two ways, as either allowance races (Green or White Races) or claiming races. Every horse entered in these races is up for sale and can be instantly purchased (claimed) by another player. Each race carries its own unique set of restrictions and requirements.

The Winner's Circle
Now that you have started racing the next objective is to get to the winner's circle and start winning game points, badges, and cash prizes. But be aware, there is a community of players waiting to take you on!