Horse Race Game
Current Time: 05/28/2024 4:16:57am
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Water Treadmill Treadmill Outside Paddock

There are three special training tool options: water treadmill, jogging treadmill, or the ability to turn your horse out into the paddock to run free. Like all animals, sometimes a change in scenery or a change in training routine may be all it takes to get your horse going again. Horses may have a sudden change in form for a variety of reasons. Choosing the right training tool at the right time will have a beneficial effect.

You are only allowed to apply one of the three special training tools after a poor performance when a race or tournament ends. Remember that only one of the training routines can potentially benefit your horse. The other two will have no effect. Also keep in mind that the Special Training Program cannot hurt your horse. In other words, if the program is not effective it has no effect on your horse's current performance. The Special Training Program is free to all players.

When can I apply the special training tools?
After a poor racing performance, you will be notified on your Stable and Stable Manager page that your horse is now eligible to use Special Training. A poor racing performance is defined as not earning any game points in a race or tournament. If a horse is entered in a Blue or General Tournament and does not qualify for the finals race it must have run in the maximum allowed number of qualifiers to be eligible for the special training program.

Participating in the Special Training Program is not mandatory. Your horse cannot be entered in a race when applying special training. Special training is available, for horses that qualify, after each race or tournament and prior to entry into another race or tournament. Special training must be applied prior to entry in the next race or tournament if the owner plans to apply special training for the horse.