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Understanding Thoroughbred pedigree "The Key To Winning In Real Horse Racing And Our Horse Trainer Games And Tournaments"

At first thought one may think that the thoroughbred horse is a breed that has existed for centuries, perhaps all the way back to the time of Ancient Rome of even Greece. However, the truth is that thoroughbreds as we now know them are brand new on the evolutionary scale, having been first bred in the 1700's. Ancient peoples of Mesopotamia respected and admired the Arabian, a horse that they used as an indispensable instrument of war. Because of this value, it comes as no surprise that these ancient peoples became widely known as the best breeders of horses.

The countries of the world dramatically increased trade lines in the 1700's and as a direct consequence formal relations between European countries and these Arab nations were established. Against this backdrop the thoroughbred came into being. Rulers of the Ottoman Empire sent gifts of Arabian horses, known then as "the horse of the desert", to European rulers of the period. At relatively the same time in Europe, horse racing was becoming very popular among the ruling class. That in the 1700's European countries were ruled by monarchs explains why to this day horse racing is know as "The sport of Kings". All thoroughbred pedigrees stretch back to three Arabian stallions from the 17th century. They were bred to heftier but slower English mares. The thoroughbred as a breed was born, and as the breed become the choice for horse racing, the value of successul thoroughbred stallions soared. By the time the popularity of the sport in Europe had migrated to the United States in the 20th century, a new stable of great sires emerged. Though late in the 1900's breeders had sometimes come to have enough faith in the mere pedigrees in certain colts to invest the time and money it took to stand them at stud without racing, most of the great stallions first proved themselves as champions on the racetrack. The great Man o' War is the most influential sire of the first half of the 20th century, and he proved his greatness on the tracks by annihilating all comers on the track. Strange as it sounds, it's actually unusual for the offspring of great sires to become great sires, even if they've been successful on the track. Man o' War produced many winners on the track, but he also became the most sought-after commodity in the business in that he was also a sire of sires, producing 1937 Triple Crown winner War Admiral and several other great sires that guaranteed his name would remain in the pedigrees of champion horses for a long, long time. Although most champions are sought for their breeding services, most of them do not become great sires. Good examples of this are the famous Seabiscuit and 1948 Triple Crown winner Citation. Great as they were on the track, they failed miserably as sires. In the second half of the 20th century the most influential sires were almost all legendary on the track. Good examples of this are Swaps from the 1950's, Northern Dancer from the 1960's, and Seattle Slew from the 1970's. Those horses all enjoyed healthy careers on the track before they were retired to the breeding shed. However, today most great thoroughbreds are retired early because of how lucrative a champion stallion can become, a practice that began with the syndication of 1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat.

The greatest sire recent times was a colt whose pedigree was so good that he wasn't even allowed to race beyond his two-year old season. Storm Cat, with A.P. Indy, Seattle Slew, and Secretariat (all influential sires) in his lineage, stood at no less than $500,000 for a live foal for well over a decade because of his phenomenal ability to produce winners. His high fee guaranteed that he would always be bred to the best mares. Like most great sires, his name will live on in pedigrees for generations to come. Interestingly, modern geneticists believe that the mare is much more important in the pedigree, accounting for as much as 80% of the traits of her offspring, but because stallions can service well over three hundred mares per year and quality mares can deliver perhaps eight foals in her lifetime at most, the stallion will always be more valuable.

Breeding thoroughbreds in the hopes of producing a champion has always been a gamble, an expensive roll of the dice that has resulted in more frustration than triumph. But every so often, the right combination of stallion and mare can produce a winner. The type of winner produced varies: Sometimes the result is a sprinter, a miler, a classic runner, a distance horse, a mudder, or a turf horse. However, once in a great while a champion of unusual quality emerges. A champion that can win under almost any conditions. Our racing game offers an assortment of fifty champion colts and another fifty champion fillies with which you can choose to breed. With the right combination you just might find yourself the owner of a great champion thoroughbred!


Are you ready to breed a champion race horse and race against thousands of other players for great prizes in our virtual racing game while watching your horse compete against other thoroughbreds created by other players. If so, click the Play Now!.


Below are the Sires in our horse racing game that you can breed too. The number after the horse name represents his stallion rating in our horse game.

1. Ghostzapper : 2004 Horse of the Year who has the highest Beyer speed figure of all-time. This horse breeds raw speed!

2. Seabiscuit : He won 1938 Horse of the Year after beating War Admiral in their celebrated match race at Pimlico. Passes along durability and toughness, however his speed rarely comes through in his offspring.

3. War Admiral : Held at Churchill Downs annually on the first Saturday in May, this 3 year old race is the marquee event in all of thoroughbred racing. This mile and a quarter race is the first leg of the Triple Crown, which consists of the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes. The distance of this race is almost always the farthest a thoroughbred has run up to that point, and the field by far the largest they will ever compete against.

4. War Admiral : Horse of the Year in 1937, Triple Crown winner. Headstrong and hard to handle, he passes along toughness and frontrunning style.

5. Swaps : 1956 Horse of the Year, winner of the 1955 Kentucky Derby,set world-record for 1+5/8 miles in the Sunset Handicap. Known for passing limitless stamina at classic and longer distance races to his progeny.

6. Nashua : Won 1955 Horse of the Year, thrived on competition. Imparts strong stretch battlers among his offspring. Terrific stamina, too.

7. Dr. Fager : 1968 Champion sprinter, Handicap Horse, Grass Horse, and Horse of the Year. Many of his offspring are sprinters or milers. Combining with a staying mare could be the right combination.

8. Seattle Slew : Won the Triple Crown in 1977 and won Horse of the Year. An excellent stallion. Has produced all kinds of champions, from pure sprinters to stayers. His progeny usually turn out to be stalkers or frontrunners.

9. Affirmed : 1978-79 Horse of the Year, 1978 Triple Crown winner. Ultra-competitiveness is hallmark of his offspring, along with good speed and stamina. Could get any kind of winner with him and the right mare.

10. Alydar : Finished 2nd in all three Triple Crown races to Affirmed by a combined margin of 1.5 lengths, and is a better sire than his nemisis. Known for producing closers and horses good from a mile and up.

11. Foolish Pleasure : Won 1975 Kentucky Derby. Bold Ruler was paternal grandsire. Great early speed is his most dominant trait

12. Whirlaway : 1941 Triple Crown winner, 1941 Horse of the Year Great. Not a great sire, but known for producing closers.

13. Point Given : 2001 Horse of the Year. His offspring are usually very tall and bulky. Milers and classic runners are his specialty.

14. Man o' War : A sire that produces winners at an amazing rate. A classy mare sent to him and a special horse could come out.

15. Gallant Fox : Won 1930 Triple Crown, passes along staying power to his progeny.

16. Count Fleet : Won Triple Crown in 1943, Belmont by 25 lengths. His offspring are better at longer distances. Hardly ever produces sprinters.

17. Native Dancer : 1954 Horse of the Year, only loss in the Kentucky Derby. Very good sire, known for passing along versatility and soundness.

18. Round Table : 1958 Horse of the Year, extremely versatile. Turf specialists are his hallmark, but can produce great dirt horses, too. A very good sire.

19. Gallant Man : Very good endurance horse; set then-record in 1957 Belmont at 2:26&3. Passes his stamina to his offspring.

20. Honest Pleasure : 1975 Champion 2-year-old Colt. His offspring are mostly frontrunners.

21. Tom Fool : 1953 Horse of the Year. Inconsistent stallion, but lightning can strike with the right mare in the form of a Kentucky Derby winner.

22. Buckpasser : 1966 Horse of the Year, known for producing endurance horses and closers. Pass on him if you want a sprinter.

23. Damascus : 1967 Horse of the Year. Consistently passes along late speed to his offspring. A good fit for any mare.

24. Arts and Letters : 1969 Horse of the Year. A little spotty in passing along his stalking speed, but his offspring almost always have stamina.

25. Tiznow : 2000 Horse of the Year, only two-time winner of Breeders' Cup Classic. Passes along strong closing speed to his progeny.

26. Northern Dancer : Champion 3-year-old in 1964, one of the 20th century's greatest sires. Capable of producing any kind of winner.

27. Riva Ridge : Won the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes in 1972; lost Preakness because he couldn't handle sloppy track. Inconsistent at stud, and his offspring don't like the slop, but sometimes can produce a fireball sprinter.

28. Citation : 1948 Triple Crown winner. Won 17 races in a row at one point. Not a great sire, but his offspring are generally competitive, and have good stamina.

29. Spectacular Bid : One of the all-time greats. 1980 Horse of the Year, his ability as a sire has been called into question as he has been inconsisent. But he shouldn't be ignored because his greatness can be passed to his offspring now and then. A quality mare can do the trick.

30. Conquistador Cielo : 1982 Horse of the Year. Not known as a great sire. His progeny are often frontrunners and sprinters. Send a long distance mare to him and see what happens.

31. Ferdinand : 1987 Horse of the Year. Produces many closing sprinters.

32. Alysheba : In his last race, he rallied in the mud at Churchill Downs to win the Breeders' Cup Classic by half a length. 1988 Horse of the Year. Produces solid, if not always great, winners that battle down the stretch.

33. Sunday Silence : Is most remembered for his stirring Triple Crown/BC Classic battle with Easy Goer. 1989 Horse of the Year. Produced many winners in Japan, including Deep Impact. Even though he was a frontrunner/stalker, his specialty as a sire is closers.

34. Easy Goer : Tough luck rival of Sunday Silence with blinding natural speed. As a sire he passes his speed along, but you never know if his offspring will be a sprinter, a miler, or a stayer. A good mare can make the difference with him.

35. Spend a Buck : 1985 Horse of the Year despite skipping the Breeders' Cup. Raw speed is his game, and a mare with stamina could be his game.

36. Forty Niner : At 3, won Haskell and Travers. Inconsistent as a sire, his offspring usually can go a mile competitively.

37. Risen Star : 1988 Champion 3-year-old colt and son of Secretariat. Passes along very good endurance to his progeny. Raw speed inconsistent. Needs a sprinting mare.

38. Barbaro : Won the 2006 Kentucky Derby in impressive fashion. He was a turf horse, and can produce turf and dirt winners, but is inconsistent. Versatility is his hallmark.

39. Smarty Jones : 2004 Champion 3-year-old colt. Known for passing along gameness and fight to his offspring, they usually love to run. Whether they win is roll of the dice.

40. A.P. Indy : 1992 Champion 3-year-old colt and Horse of the Year with Secretariat and Seattle Slew in his lineage. A very strong sire that breeds winners of many kinds, but fewer turf horses.

41. Holy Bull : 1994 Horse of the Year even though he skipped the Breeders' Cup. A very good modern sire, the willingness to battle shows up in his offspring like clockwork.

42. Cigar : 1995, 1996 Champion Handicap Horse AND Horse of the Year. Produces many good turf horses, the dirt horses he produces are spotty, but they usually have good stamina.

43. Silver Charm : 1997 Champion 3-year-old colt. Gameness is the best thing about him as a sire. His progeny don't always get good speed, but they are ready to battle.

44. Real Quiet : 1998 Champion 3-year-old colt. Bring a mare to him and he might give you a classic miler. Maybe not, but you never know.

45. Skip Away : 1998 Horse of the Year. His progeny usually inherit his speed, but sometimes lack endurance. Needs a staying mare.

46. Awesome Again : The only Breeders' Cup Classic winner to sire a winner of the same race (Ghostzapper in 2004), he has sired 4 Breeders' Cup winners, including two Distaff winners (Round Pond and Ginger Punch). A proven great sire, his offspring can be any kind, but they are all fast.

47. Curlin : All-time leading money-winner. 2007 Champion 3-year-old colt and Horse of the Year. Like him, his offspring are usually tall and thickly muscled. Needs a sleek, distance running mare for stamina.

48. Exceller : Best known as the only horse that has ever beaten two Triple Crown winners in the same race, he passes along his speed to his offspring. Sometimes they are sprinters, sometimes, frontrunners or closers, but they can all run, and run hard on turf or dirt.

49. Sham : Known best as Secretariat's only rival during the 1973 Triple Crown series. His progeny usually have very good stamina and can run the classic distances. They are also usually tall and sleekly built. Needs a sprinting mare for a boost in raw speed.

50. SECRETARIAT : 1973 Triple Crown winner, one of the the greatest thoroughbreds of all-time. Has produced winners on turf and on dirt. Also sprinters and stayers. Has yet to produce himself, but that large heart was there, and he just might pass it on to his progeny if you send the right mare.


Are you ready to breed a champion race horse and race against thousands of other players for great prizes in our virtual racing game while watching your horse compete against other thoroughbreds created by other players. If so, click the Play Now!.


Below are the Dams in our horse racing game that you can breed too. The number after the horse name represents her dams rating in our horse game.

1. Bewitch : 1947 Champion 2-year-old filly who once actually beat Citation. A bit inconsistent, but this mare can pass along speed.

2. Gallorette : 1946 Champion Handicap Mare. She doesn't always produce winners, but every so often a great miler will emerge.

3. Beldame : Classy early 20th century filly that competed and beat males. Produces winners, more milers and stayers than sprinters.

4. Parlo : 1954 Champion 3-year-old filly. Inconsistent mare. With the right stallion a winner can emerge.

5. Royal Native : 1960 Champion Handicap Mare. Known for producing late blooming offspring with good stamina.

6. Rags to Riches : 2007 Champion 3-year-old filly, won Belmont Stakes. Has the big names in her pedigree like A.P. Indy, Seattle Slew, and Secretariat. Her offspring generally have loads of stamina and run longer distance races.

7. Althea : 1983 Champion 2-year-old filly. Her biggest trait is blazing early speed. A stamina-filled stallion and a big winner could be the result.

8. Busher : She totally dominated fillies and consistently defeated males as well, a rarity for a 3-year-old filly. 1945 Horse of the Year. Produces winners of all kinds, usually stalkers and frontrunners.

9. Ambassador of Luck : 1983 Champion Handicap Mare. Produces frontrunning sprinters that max out at a mile.

10. Twilight Tear : 1944 Horse of the Year. She is a special mare that gives tenacity and early speed to her offspring.

11. Bed o' Roses : 1951 Champion Handicap Mare. Inconsistent, but her foals are always feisty and you never know.

12. Bold 'n Determined : Great filly that totally dominated other fillies in 1980. Raw speed, usually from the front, are her biggest strengths as a mare.

13. Bayakoa : 1989 & 1990 Champion Handicap Mare, won the Distaff twice. Her offspring are usually very fast and can fight down the stretch.

14. Glorious Song : 1980 Champion Handicap Mare. Milers are her thing.

15. Gold Beauty : 1982 Champion Sprinter, she produces winning sprinters, but also occasionally a closer that can stay.

16. Heavenly Cause : Best year was 1981, when she won the Fantasy, La Troinenne, Kentucky Oaks, and Acorn Stakes. She passes along speed, but the stamina is hit and miss.

17. Life's Magic : 1984 Champion 3-year-old Filly, 1985 Champion Handicap Mare. Inconsistent as a mare, but can hit the jackpot with the right match.

18. Mom's Command : 1985 Champion 3-year-old Filly, Triple Tiara winner. Longer distance winners and closers have come from her.

19. North Sider : 1987 Champion Handicap Mare. Breeds horses that mature later in their lives. Most of the time frontrunners.

20. Silver Spoon : Her most important victory in the 1959 Santa Anita Derby. Her offspring like to stalk the lead in classic distance races.

21. Escena : 1998 Champion Handicap Mare. Middle distance races are what her offspring excel at.

22. Two Lea : Beat males in the 1952 Hollywood Gold Cup. Her offspring like to lay back in the middle before moving late.

23. Affectionately : She made history in 1964, becoming one of the few fillies to win the Vosburgh Handicap. Passes along blazing early speed.

24. Open Mind : 1988 Champion 2-year-old Filly, 1989 Champion 3-year-old Filly. Quality milers come from her blood.

25. Outstandingly : Best year was 1986 when she won the San Lucia and Gleam Handicap on dirt, then won the Wilshire Handicap on turf. Inconsistent, but every so often can produce a super sprinter.

26. Princess Rooney : 1984 Champion Handicap Mare. Her offspring bloom later in their lives and can run middle distances.

27. Cicada : 1962 Champion 3-year-old filly, 1963 Champion Handicap Mare. Her offspring can fight, and are known for their contentious stretch drives.

28. Dark Mirage : 1968 Champion 3-year-old filly. Her offspring are known for their versatility, and can run on anything.

29. Gallant Bloom : 1968 Champion 3-year-old filly. She never backed down from a challenge, and neither do her offspring.

30. Gamely : Battled Dr. Fager to a second place finish in the 1968 Californian. Greatest asset was raw speed, which serves her offspring well.

31. Safely Kept : 1989 Champion Sprinter. She breeds sprinters, stalkers and closers.

32. Tiffany Lass : 1986 Champion 3-year-old Filly. Breeds sprinters, but can occasionally produce more than that.

33. Wayward Lass : 1981 Champion 3-year-old Filly. Her foals mostly grow into competitive, if not always winning, race horses.

34. Tosmah : 1964 Champion 3-year-old filly. Inconsistent as a mare, but they can mostly run a competitive mile, sometimes a great one.

35. Ta Wee : 1969 Champion Sprinter, she won the Vosburgh and Intrerborough Handicaps. Interestingly, her offspring can sprint but they can do much more, and also excel at classic distances. A very good mare.

36. Desert Vixen : 1973 Champion 3-year-old-filly and 1974 Champion Handicap mare. She was a very fast frontrunner, and she passes that trait along to her offspring as well. Uncommon producer of speed.

37. Chris Evert : 1974 Champion 3-year-old filly, won The Triple Tiara. Her offspring usually have class and can compete at any distance. Many of them turn out to be closers.

38. Ruffian : 1974 Champion 2-year-old filly, 1975 Champion 3-year-old filly, Triple Tiara winner. She was a frontrunner with unusual staying power. Her offspring inherit her raw speed, but they are not always frontrunners and are born ready to run.

39. Inside Information : 1995 Champion Handicap mare, won the Breeders' Cup Distaff. Her offspring are particularly strong running on the mud.

40. Revidere : 1976 Champion 3-year-old filly. Her offspring specialize in distance running. A match with a speedy stallion could produce a champion.

41. Shuvee : 1970, 1971 Champion Handicap mare. Incredible stamina was her trademark, and is renowned for passing that trait along to her foals. Uncommon consistency.

42. Susan's Girl : 1972 Champion 3-year-old filly, 1973 Champion Handicap mare. Her foals are usually competitive, but sometimes lack late stamina. They're also mostly frontrunners.

43. Genuine Risk : 1980 Champion 3-year-old filly, won the Kentucky Derby. Produces classic distance winners. The stallion usually determines their running style, so roll the dice.

44. All Along : European turf-racing filly and 1983 Horse of the Year that preferred long distance races. A wonderful mare that produces turf and dirt winners, usually from 10 furlongs and above.

45. Lady's Secret : Daughter of Secretariat, 1986 Horse of the Year, won Distaff. Her offspring always prove versatile, durable, and fast. Sometimes they close, sometimes they stalk, and sometimes they break right for the lead.

46. Winning Colors : 1988 Champion 3-year-old filly, won Santa Anita and Kentucky Derby. She was a frontrunner, and so are most of her offspring. Produces many fine sprinters.

47. Personal Ensign : 1988 Champion Handicap mare, won Distaff. Horses that can run on anything are what she produces, and a good stallion can produce something really special.

48. Go for Wand : 1990 Champion 3-year-old filly. Passes along great speed and frontrunning style to her offspring. They can also fight in stretch battles, as well.

49. Azeri : 2002, 2003, 2004 Champion Handicap Horse, and 2002 Horse of the Year. Dominant as a mare as she was on the track, this is a queen and deserves to be matched with a king. Her offspring inherit blazing speed and a strong will to win.

50. Zenyatta : 2008 Champion Handicap mare, won the Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic with ease. Her speed gets passed to her offspring, but they don't always have her stamina. Produces milers that can win, and can close just like her.


Are you ready to breed a champion race horse and race against thousands of other players for great prizes in our virtual racing game while watching your horse compete against other thoroughbreds created by other players. If so, click the Play Now!.