Horse Racing Games Free to Play

Horse Racing Games Free to Play
Free online horse racing games. Virtual racing excitement like you never thought possible. Play online or download our free racing games and take fantasy horse racing to the next level.

Horse Games You Will Love to Play

Horse Games You Will Love to Play
Enjoy horse games online or download your favorite virtual games featuring top champion horses. Our virtual horse games allow you to breed, care for and manage your horse's career.          

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast
Immerse yourself in a full 3D world of online racing action. Test your game skills as you compete in an exciting world of fantasy racing for prizes and awards.

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers
Enter the exciting world of horse racing as a breeder, trainer, owner, jockey or bettor. Manage the career of your virtual horses while racing against thousands of others.

Online Horse Racing Action

Online Horse Racing Action
Our PC horse and horse racing games provide the most realistic horse racing fun. Play our horse games online or download them free to your computer and maximize your horse racing game experience.

What racing industry experts and our players have to say about our Horse Racing Fantasy games

For over ten years, we've been building the best horse games, horse racing games and racing simulation programs. Racing professionals, horse racing fans and social gamers have given us rave reviews. Try one of our free games now and experience first-hand what everyone is saying.

Kent Desormeaux, Three time Kentucky Derby Winner

Kent Desormeaux

"Great games - great way to learn about horse racing. Lots of fun, lots of fast-paced action. I am very impressed."

Tony from New York, professional horse race player


"Love your virtual simulations of upcoming stake races. I've been using your program now for about a year. You've helped me find real hidden betting value in some big races."

Doug O'Neill, leading thoroughbred horse race trainer

Doug O'Neill

"Great games, great graphics! You have horse racing games that appeal to everyone."

Chantal Sutherland, top jockey in both Canada and the U. S.

Chantal Sutherland

"Offering multiple games to reach such a broad audience is a great way to create awareness about horse racing. Obviously, my favorite is the jockey game. It's very realistic."



"Just started getting into horse racing and stumbled across your website. I play skill games and strategy games all the time. Yours are a blast!"

Michael Baze, the leading jockey in California

Michael Baze

"I'm a gamer and all I can say is amazing! Great games, guys!"

Nick Hines, California thoroughbred trainer

Nick Hines

"Horse Racing Fantasy is exactly what the sport needs. Your games are exciting, entertaining, educational and very realistic."

Jeff Mullins, One of California's leading thoroughbred horse trainers

Jeff Mullins

"I play one game and love it and my sons play another. Your horse racing games are very realistic. Even real jockeys love them."

Kimberly from San Diego


"I'm not even a big horse racing fan, but I love horses and I love games and yours are a lot of fun."

Joe Talamo, one of California's leading jockeys

"Smokin'" Joe Talamo

"Being 20, I know all about games. Not only do you guys make the best horse racing games, I think ,simply put, you make the best games! Anyone who plays will become addicted to any one of your games."



"I play a lot of social games. I started with our online flash game and now play your full-version horse racing game. I manage my stable of 15 horses and my husband has his own stable. It's a blast when we get to race each other in tournaments. Thank you for providing such great entertainment."

Aaron Gryder, one of California's leading jockeys

Aaron Gryder

"Variety is the spice of life and your horse racing games appeal to all ages. My favorite is, of course, the jockey game."

Richard Migliorie, All-time leading jockey at Aqueduct Racetrack

Richard Migliorie

"Whether you're a hard-core racing fan or just someone who loves to play games online, you offer the best!"

Richard Mandella, One of the most established thoroughbred trainers

Richard Mandella

"You guys offer the fans a chance to become educated about horse racing."

Craig Dollase, one of California's leading thoroughbred trainers

Craig Dollase

"Horse Racing Fantasy knows how to appeal to anyone who has any level of interest in horses or horse racing. You're gonna like their games!"

Ron Ellis, One of Southern California's leading thoroughbred trainers

Ron Ellis

"Your games are great for the fans. Very realistic and quite enjoyable."