Horse Race Game
Current Time: 07/20/2017 2:26:41pm
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Horse's age based on a point system, each race or tournament a horse races in will go towards their aging process. Points are assigned based on the following chart:

Claiming Race White Race Green Race Blue Tournament General Tournament
0.5 Points 1 Point 1 Point 1 Point 1 Point

For every 3 points a horse accumulates it will age by 1 year. So, for example if a horse races in a claiming race (0.5 pts), a white race (1 pt), a green race (1 pt), and a blue tournament (1 pt) then it will have accumulated 3.5 points. So, it will age by 1 year and the remaining 0.5 pts will continue to carry forward. Notice that and entire blue or general tournament counts as 1 pt. A horse will most likely race in more than one race in a blue or general tournament but will only age by 1 pt for the whole tournament and not each race in the tournament.

So, if a horse is not racing it will not age. It only ages if it is racing.