Horse Racing Games Free to Play

Horse Racing Games Free to Play
Free online horse racing games. Virtual racing excitement like you never thought possible. Play online or download our free racing games and take fantasy horse racing to the next level.

Horse Games You Will Love to Play

Horse Games You Will Love to Play
Enjoy horse games online or download your favorite virtual games featuring top champion horses. Our virtual horse games allow you to breed, care for and manage your horse's career.          

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast
Immerse yourself in a full 3D world of online racing action. Test your game skills as you compete in an exciting world of fantasy racing for prizes and awards.

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers
Enter the exciting world of horse racing as a breeder, trainer, owner, jockey or bettor. Manage the career of your virtual horses while racing against thousands of others.

Online Horse Racing Action

Online Horse Racing Action
Our PC horse and horse racing games provide the most realistic horse racing fun. Play our horse games online or download them free to your computer and maximize your horse racing game experience.


America's favorite pastime is playing games. This is why we decided to build a variety of games focused on racing.

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Yes, it's true; I'm a big fan of horses and horse racing. It has always been my dream to own a champion race horse. For most people like me and our original game developer, participating in racing as an owner or breeder was just not affordable. In addition, horse racing is one of the most difficult sports for fans to participate in due to the significant education process in learning all the different aspects of horse racing. That's when we decided to tap into America's number one pastime - playing games - and build games that allow everyone who has an interest in horse racing to participate in the sport.

Here are some general game statistics that supported our decision to build games to help the sport of horse racing:
- 65% of U.S. households play some form of games
- The majority of game players (49%) are between the ages of 18 and 49
- The average gamer is 32 years old
- The average person spends 18 hours per week playing games, particularly video games
- The largest segment of new gamers (less than 2 years playing games) are individuals who are playing either online games, video games or console games and fall into the age bracket of 25 to 34.

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Because 'gamer' is a broad term, statistics need to be broken down into numerous categories to really understand the different classifications that a gamer can fall under. It's not only the type of games that people play; it is the vehicle they use to access them. The fastest growing game segments are mobile games and social games. The largest revenue generating games are either console games or online computer games.

When evaluating all this data, we saw an enormous opportunity to utilize various types of games, free online virtual games and free download games particularly, as an opportunity to educate the next generation of horse racing fans.

We didn't care if you were a novice fan or have been around racing your entire life; we wanted to build a variety of games that appealed to everyone. Over a hundred million people play computer games online today. Some play them casually and for some, it's their favorite pastime. Over 300 million free games are played daily on the Internet. Though games online are still a big part of today's society, more and more people are downloading games to either their iPhone or Android device. It just seemed natural for us to take America's favorite pastime - playing games - and tie it into the sport we love and allow people the opportunity to get a true understanding of what racing is all about through a variety of games that we have developed and deployed. Today our games can be played for free, online or downloaded to your computer. Soon, all of our games will be available on either the IOS operating system or Android, as well. We love building games and love people who enjoy playing them.

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We've been playing games long before the computer age. I remember my parents on a Saturday afternoon eagerly working on word puzzles found in the local newspaper. It's no wonder games in general are America's favorite pastime. When you think about games, you think about everything from watching your favorite football team, college or pro, compete on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, all the way to a wide variety of virtual games that allow many players to interact with each other in a very social environment.

The next time you're on a plane, take a walk down the aisle and you'll be surprised how many people are playing a variety of games - from free games on their cell phones or mobile devices to the most popular action games that have been downloaded to their computers from the Internet or purchased in stores.

The history of games goes back to 3,000 BC. As far as we can track history, games and gaming has always been a part of our lives. In 1947, the first patent was filed for the first video game. The concept of the game was a person using knobs and buttons to simulate firing at an airplane target. The playing field of the game was a printed overlay on a CRT screen. The first computer game was developed in 1950 when a person named Charlie Adama created the bouncing ball. This early program became the first step for today's modern video and computer games.

Some of the first computer games were developed by either IT students or electronic engineers for the military and space programs.

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The history of the console game began in 1972 and was released by Magnavox. The platform was called the Magnavox Odyssey. Very few people realize this, but the Odyssey pitch man was actually none other than actor/singer Frank Sinatra. In its first year, Odyssey sold over 100,000 units.

Arcade games were developed in the early 1970s. Nolan Bushnell is credited with developing the earliest arcade games, including his first hit Space War. Bushnell later became the founding father of one of the largest gaming companies in the world, Atari.

The real gaming revolution started in the mid-1980s with the introduction of the second-generation console games and the explosion of arcade games, along with the early introduction of home computer games. At this point in time, very few people realized that the gaming industry was already a multi-billion-dollar industry with total sales exceeding over $10 billion. In fact, Pac Man, one of the most famous arcade games of all time, took in approximately $250 million in its first year of release.

There are numerous classifications of games, and all fall under sub-categories as either free games, virtual games, download games, 3D online computer games or console games. As the gaming revolution continued to expand, so did the variation of games available. Action games became very popular in the late-1980s. Racing games also started to come onto the scene along with first shooter and fighting games. At the end of the day, the gaming industry was providing a wide variety of entertainment to satisfy consumer demand.

Want to have fun? Access our 3D online horse games.


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Online Horse Racing Games

Horse games started getting popular in the late-1980s, and by the mid-1990s was one of the fastest growing segments of online games. Today, most horse racing games are played by youngsters living out the fantasy of owning, training and caring for their own horse. Today's online race horse games include a wide variety of content that goes beyond just the owning and breeding of a horse, but also virtual competitions at events that take place all over the world. Today, free horse race games online are very competitive and provide a realism and 3D effect that attracts game players from throughout the Internet. Though the game industry suffered a hard blow in the early 1980s, as technology continued to improve, including 3D graphics, rich content, powerful consoles and computers, the game industry has now reached a point where it has become the number one form of entertainment, surpassing movies.

Though most people play free online games, the game industry itself continues to reap double-digit revenue gains year over year from the release of high-end 3D console games and low price PC games and games that are specifically developed for the IOS operating system or the Android operating system.

Games play a big part in all our lives. Today, a gamer can be a five-year-old playing simplistic games by themselves or with their parents to the most sophisticated and complex strategy games played by thousands of individuals simultaneously. The average age of today's gamer is late-30s, and as our society grows older, so does the median age for game players.

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Computer games, though slowly declining in popularity, horse racing games online still make up a large percentage of free games played.

The game industry has become super-competitive. Console games can cost tens of millions of dollars to develop. Today's games immerse individuals with amazing, stunning 3D graphics and a whole slew of complex features allowing the player to maximize his entertainment experience. No matter what you enjoy, there is a game out there that fits your way of life, whether it's casino games, sports games, role-playing games or even hard-core strategy games. Today's game developers, whether it is computer games or console games, are battling for your attention and your money. The future of gaming is bright. As the technology continues to expand, as Internet speeds gets faster and hardware becomes more affordable, consumers are spending more and more time looking for the next big game or gaming platform.

I have always found it amazing when I talk with people who say they have no interest in games. Yet, they are the same people who will spend 6 hours watching football on a Sunday afternoon. Isn't football a game? Though they may not be actively involved in the game, they are watching it and indirectly are participating. Or, what about the people who go visit casinos and participate in blackjack, poker or slot machines. The reality of it is, they are playing games. In fact, in my opinion, people who even trade the markets could be considered game players. free online racing game And, let's not forget those who love poker, which has become one of the number one games as both an online game and just a social game among friends. The truth is, as a society, whether we realize it or not, we play games all the time. They can be board games, puzzle games with our kids, computer games,and social games with our friends through Facebook or other social media platforms. More games are downloaded on the iPad and iPhone than on any other type of application. It was gaming that really helped push Facebook to its first 500 milllion users. In fact, in 2008 and 2009, more time was spent playing games on Facebook than any other activity.

Here is your opportunity to race virtual horses for free. It's exciting, fast-paced and definitely fun! So, what are you waiting for? Start playing our free games now and be the champion.