Horse Racing Games Free to Play

Horse Racing Games Free to Play
Free online horse racing games. Virtual racing excitement like you never thought possible. Play online or download our free racing games and take fantasy horse racing to the next level.

Horse Games You Will Love to Play

Horse Games You Will Love to Play
Enjoy horse games online or download your favorite virtual games featuring top champion horses. Our virtual horse games allow you to breed, care for and manage your horse's career.          

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast

Free Racing Games for Horse Race Enthusiast
Immerse yourself in a full 3D world of online racing action. Test your game skills as you compete in an exciting world of fantasy racing for prizes and awards.

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers

Virtual Racing Games for Horse Lovers
Enter the exciting world of horse racing as a breeder, trainer, owner, jockey or bettor. Manage the career of your virtual horses while racing against thousands of others.

Online Horse Racing Action

Online Horse Racing Action
Our PC horse and horse racing games provide the most realistic horse racing fun. Play our horse games online or download them free to your computer and maximize your horse racing game experience.

Famous Race Horses Featured In Our Online Racing Games

Free Tips On How To Bet, Jockey & Win With These Classic Champions.

All these world-class great Thoroughbreds are in our free online racing game. Get free player tips when you jockey or bet each of these famous race horses by reading the inside information associated with each horse. You'll have hours of fun betting and jockeying these top horses at over 100 historic and best known horse racing tracks. Do you want free tips on who to bet on at Santa Anita Race Course or Hollywood Park? Maybe you want information on who and how to wager and win with at Churchill Downs or Arlington Park? We provide powerful information on each of the horses below, whether you're jockeying or betting them in our fantasy sports game. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have over 2,000 of the world's best race horses waiting for you to add them to your virtual racing stable and bring you unlimited fun-filled gaming action! Have fun and enjoy the excitement of using your own handicapping skills to figure out how to master, whether as a jockey or bettor, all of the other champions in our game.


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If you're riding: This horse must have the lead out of the gate, so don't even think of pulling her back. Let her go to the lead and ask her for more speed if she's challenged. She'll give it to you.

When you bet: Her best distances are a mile and under, where her speed makes her an almost absolute lock. At ten furlongs or more, she could be vulnerable to hard charging closers because of her frontrunning style.


When you're the jockey: He's a big horse that needs time to get his engine revved up. Don't rush him. Let him find his stride. Once he does he will run willingly, and make up huge chunks of ground on the field.

Gambling: He's predominantly a closer. Even though he has won at many distances, he's almost a sure thing in the longer distance races, ten furlongs to two miles; he's your winner in an exacta. Can win shorter distances, but his late rushes sometimes come up short. Consider a quinella in a race shorter than nine furlongs.

John Henry

To ride him to victory: The break isn't important. Good or bad, the key is to guide him within striking distance in the stretch. Loves battling in the stretch. If he thinks he has won he sometimes coasts, so you might have to remind him to finish it off.

If you're feeling lucky: If he's on the turf, bet the bank from nine furlongs and up because once he gets the lead he rarely gives it up. Will fight tooth and nail on dirt, too, but bet on him to place or show just in case.


When you ride: He usually breaks sharply. Settle him in a few lengths off the lead. He has plenty of stamina, so bide your time with him. At the 3/8th's pole ask him to take off. He will.

To make some money gambling: Stay away from him at distances under a mile; he's too inconsistent. The longer the race, the better he is, especially 10 furlongs and beyond. He'll always be in the money, but sometimes he'll get caught, so think about a quinella now and then.

Native Diver

In the stirrups: A speed demon, this horse breaks like a bullet from a gun. Don't stop him. Try to conserve his speed in the middle without giving up the lead. Turn on the afterburners for the final quarter-mile and he'll bring you home happy.

When laying your money down: They just can't catch him at six furlongs, so bet him heavy to win. He's almost as good at a mile, too. His limit is ten furlongs. At that distance he can be worn down by strong closers, so be cautious.

Lady's Secret

When you're holding the reins: This classy filly loves the lead. Let her have her head, then give her a strong hold down the backstretch. Let out a few notches on the turn and she'll have plenty left for a strong stretch drive.

When placing the bet: This filly is great at a mile and under, so put the money on her nose. She could be a great first pick in an exacta bet. From nine to ten furlongs she's good, but she can be caught. An trifecta box could work just fine for this speedy mare.


When you're on his back: He will break alertly. Drop him a few lengths off the pace and let him settle in. You can guide him inside or outside and he'll run willingly. Want a free racing tip? Ride him at Churchill Downs!

What to tell the pari-mutuel clerk: This horse doesn't always win, but he's almost always in the money. A trifecta box is a good idea.

Sunday Silence

Jockey tips: He likes to stalk the lead, so work to find him good position after the break. He is comfortable on the outside where he'll have running room. Ask him at the 3/8th's pole. If you can get him to the front, he doesn't give up the lead in a stretch drive.

When you're punching the tickets: This horse is always near the lead at the finish whether he wins or loses. A nice Daily Double selection. Free tip? Bet him to win at Santa Anita.

Easy Goer

When riding this horse: He likes to lay near the back of the pack at the start. Don't rush him. Guide him to the outside and let him move up on his own. Give him a strong nudge when you want him to move. He will overpower most of his foes in the stretch or before.

Placing your bet: This horse is almost a lock to win from a mile to a mile and a half. A great exacta bet. Want a free betting tip? Bet him to win at Belmont, and bet him big.

Funny Cide

Riding instructions: He will break sharply. He stalks the lead willingly. Every so often he gets a little bit lazy, so give him urging down the backstretch to remind him of the task at hand. If he smells the lead on the turn, he'll take off.

When going to the windows to put your money down: Only bet this horse if you really feel like gambling, because you just never know what you're going to get. Your best wager is a trifecta box to protect yourself. If he shows up, you could win big. If not, your ride home will be frustrating!



When you ride: Sometimes he breaks slowly, but don't worry about that because this horse has speed to burn! He runs willingly, so give him his head and move him to the outside for clear running room. Turn him loose around the turn and he'll carry you home.

Free gambling tips: Put your money on this horse because he's a lock to win! A great cornerstone of your exacta or trifecta bet. Want a free betting tip? Bet the farm on him when he runs at Belmont because he never loses!


When your feet are in the stirrups: She can go to the lead or lay just off the pace after the break. This classy filly loves to run, so just let her run free and easy. Let out a notch when you get to the turn, and she'll open up. Finishes strong.

How to bet: What to tell the clerk: This filly is a winner. When she is in the field, she'll win more often than not. A good pick in your Daily Double. Free tip? Bet her heavy at Arlington Park.

Smarty Jones

Smarty Jones

When riding: His hallmark is a solid break out of the gate, followed by settling in a few lengths back on the outide. He wants to run, so you might need to hold him back on the backstretch. It will payoff once you get to the turn. Let him go and he'll blow by them all.

If you're betting this horse: At anything under 12 furlongs you can put it in the bank. Mortgage the farm. Put him in your Pick Six because you won't have to worry about him coming home with a victory. Want a free betting tip? His favorite track is Oaklawn Park, so bet him extra heavy there.

Point Given

If you ride: This giant horse needs time to get himself going after the break. Let him settle in and find his way. He has plenty of speed, so move him to the outside. Urge him when you get to the turn, and he will inhale horses one by one.

Placing your bet: Make sure that he is running at a mile or more. If he is, book it! His raw speed is almost always too much to handle, and he has stamina to spare. No need for a quinella bet with him. Make him your first choice in an exacta. You won't be sorry. Free betting tip? If he's at Churchill Downs, don't bet on him.

Winning Colors

To ride to victory: She loves the lead. Go get it with her. Once she has the lead, try to nurse that speed so she'll have something left down the stretch. You'll have to ask her for all she's got to hold off the closers down the stretch.

Investing on this horse: Her frontrunning speed is sometimes vulnerable to a hard-charging closer. She's a perfect candidate for a strong quinella bet. An exacta box would be sensible as well.

Risen Star

When you're in the saddle: He breaks off the pace. Get him clear of traffic, and then he will move willingly with little urging. Likes battling down the stretch. Ask him and he'll give you all he's got.

Betting tip: You can count on this horse to show up. The longer the race, the more his motor cranks up. Put your money down on this horse because he's almost a lock! A great Daily Double selection. Want a free betting tip? He loves running at the Fairgrounds.

Personal Ensign

Personal Ensign

Jockey tips: This filly has great class and loves to win. She'll stalk the pace with ease. Just make sure she has clear running room. Needs strong urging when she runs in the mud, but she'll respond.

Here's free betting advice: When you're punching the tickets: Bet your paycheck on this filly to win. She refuses to lose no matter what the conditions. She would be a natural first pick in your trifecta bet.

Genuine Risk

Tips on riding: She likes to break slowly. Be careful not to get caught in traffic. Nudge her to pick up speed after a half-mile, and she'll start to move. She closes well, and runs hard down the stretch.

If you want to wager: This filly is always in the money, so a trifecta box is the perfect option if she's on your program. She will run down most frontrunners, so bet her to win if you see one in the field. A free wagering tip? Bet her heavy to win at Aqueduct.

Dr. Fager

Dr. Fager

Riding advice: He breaks quickly and wants the lead. Can get rank early, so do your best to keep a tight hold. He hates the whip, so don't even think about it. Your job is to guide him to clear running room.

When you're going to bet: He's a surefire winner, so put your money on his nose. If there's a rabbit in the field, protect yourself with a trifecta box bet. Otherwise, he's as close to a sure thing as there is. Want a free betting tip? Put your year's salary on him at Arlington Park!


If you're the jockey: Give him plenty of time to get rolling. If needed you can move him to the outside because his speed will carry you. Keep a tight hold until you get near the turn, then ask him for all he has. He should close like a freight train.

When you're laying down the cash: When you're putting down the dough: He's decent at a mile and under, but not totally dependable. His closing style makes him ideal for classic distance races, so bet him heavy. A solid pick in a quinella bet. Free betting tip? Bet your life's earnings on him at Saratoga.


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In the saddle: He prefers to break slowly. Don't rush him. He can maneuver through traffic quite well, so shoot him through the rail if you have the chance. He runs willingly, but can sometimes get lazy down the stretch. Use the whip to remind him of the work left to be done.

If you feel like betting: He's a lock, pure and simple. The longer the race, the stronger he gets. In a shorter distance race, say 6 furlongs, protect your investment with an Exacta box. He's a very good pick for your Daily Double bet.

Seattle Slew

To ride: It would be a major mistake to pull this frontrunner back at the break. Let him get the lead, and if he's contested, let him fight for it. Once you have that lead, take a tight hold on him. The horse will do the rest. He fights to keep that lead, and responds to the whip.

If you're at the window: Your money is going to multiply if you bet him to win. The trifecta starts with him. If you're nervous, an exacta box will calm your nerves.


How to ride this horse: Pull him back at the break. This closer likes to wait a long time before kicking into high gear. Urge him greatly on the backstretch and he'll start moving. He does not back away from a fight in the stretch, and has no problem with the whip.

What to tell the teller: The trifecta box was made for this horse. He doesn't always win, but it's a good bet he'll be in the money. Be careful with him in your Daily Double because he might break your heart.

Spectacular Bid

Spectacular Bid

When you're on his back: There is no set pattern to his break. If he wants to run early, then stalk the lead. If not drop him back. He's easy to guide and is usually full of run. Strong urging is what he likes, and is not afraid of the whip.

What to do with your greenbacks: This horse is a sure thing. He would be an ideal Pick Six selection, an Exacta pick, or part of your Daily Double. A free betting tip? This horse LOVES Santa Anita, so cash in your life insurance.


Free riding tip: If you want to ride: He breaks sharply but sometimes loses focus. Keep a tight hold on him, and urge him strongly to get down to business. When he gets close to the leader, he will take over by himself. Just get him good running room. Use the whip if you need it.

Free solid betting tips: This horse is one to be careful with. Always protect your investment. Bet him to place in a single wager. If your taste is more exotic, make sure you go for a trifecta box because his performances just aren't consistent enough. Don't make him your Daily Double pick or your wallet will be lighter.


When you're up in the saddle: This horse likes to stalk the lead and has speed to spare. Keep him on the outside and then give him a nudge. He'll shift into another gear. He flies around turns, so hold on and use your whip in the stretch battle. He'll give you everything.

Free wagering tips: This horse is a winner. Deadly at classic distances, he can make you a lot of money. A solid Daily Double selection. Free Betting tip? He does not like Pimlico.

Holy Bull

To ride to victory: He likes to break to the lead and is full of run. Once his lead is established, sit him on the rail and pull him back slightly. Keep a firm hold on him. When you near the turn or challenger comes, let him go, and he should fire out with authority. You won't need the whip to get him to run.

If you're at the window: This horse is a lock! A great choice for a big win bet, perhaps with your car up for collateral. He's your first pick in a trifecta, an easy pick. No need for a quinella with him.



If you are riding: Get him in position to stalk the lead on the outside. Take a tight hold on his reins to keep him from moving too early. Once you get to the 3/8th's pole, let him go and he should blow the field away. If he gets into a battle, you can use the whip to get all he has.

Inside gambling information: Cigar can win at virtually any racetrack. He was a better horse as he got older and performed well in the weight-for-age handicap races. A true champion that can make you money. Try to get a decent price. Stay away if he's the big odds-on favorite.

Real Quiet

In the saddle: He breaks quietly. Let him stalk the lead, but be cautious because he can get rank if you're not careful to hold him. Once you have him near the stretch, urge him strongly and feel him make his move. Ask him with the whip in the stetch; he will respond favorably.

To bet: He's not a sure thing, but he is sure to give a good showing. He is good candidate for an exotic bet, like maybe a trifecta box.

Silver Charm

When you ride him: Don't let him break too quickly. Pull him back and drop him into position off the rail about 5 lengths off the lead. He doen't mind the traffic. Once an opening comes, guide him through it and he'll go. A horse that can battle down the stretch.

Betting tips: If this horse could, he would break your heart. He's a classy horse that can be caught by closers. Protect that by betting him in a quinella. Stay away from him for the Daily Double.



To jockey: He runs free and easy. Move him to the outside down the backstretch and keep a tight hold on the reins. Once you're into the turn, let out a notch and let him move up naturally. You shouldn't need to go to the whip, just guide him home.

Free horse race betting tip: Put the money on his nose. He's a winner, and can be the linchpin of any exotic bet. Your best bet with him is an exacta, as long as you have a strong candidate for second place.

Big Brown

Big Brown

When you're on his back: This horse is big, strong, and loves to win. Don't worry about losing ground with him because his speed can carry you home. Has a tendency to swerve a bit in the stretch, so just guide him. You won't need a whip.

To bet successfully: Take your mortgage and bet it on him. If you want to try a Pick Six, this horse is your foundation.

Rags to Riches

Jockey tips: This filly likes to lay back well off the lead at the start, and then slowly make up ground. Make your move with her on the turn. She can battle with any horse down the stretch.

Betting hints: If the race is over a mile, this filly is tough to beat. Put a quinella box around her in case she stumbles. A decent exacta bet. Free betting tip? She loves the track at Belmont Park, so bet her to win.


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